Just two crazy ass peas in a pod...

Just two crazy ass peas in a pod...

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‘Twas the summer of 2015, and the heat lingered in the humidity of Budapest, Hungary…

The infamous Carpe Noctem Vitae hostel was brimming with young backpackers and partiers, thirsty for drinks and a good time. A young lass by the name of Francesca rang the doorbell to be let into the place, welcomed by the zainy staff. Two days later, another young lass named Dee, rang the same doorbell, and joined in on the weird times.

Francesca was on a one-year hiatus living the dream, frolicking through Europe and its beauty after graduating college. Bunks away was Dee, on a six-week backpacking excursion through Europe, taking a break from a lifestyle saturated with work. They respectively adored Budapest, indulging in the goulash, and sailing the Danube by night, seeing the city and the districts lit via boat. While their itineraries aligned, F and D never acknowledgedly crossed paths.

After Budapest, F went on to soak some rays on the beaches of Croatia, and partied the night away in Split. D strapped her backpack on and trained to Munich, ready for a brezel and cold Hefeweizen.

Fast forward six months later to a sunny afternoon in the Mile High City. Two cool ladies working at Denver’s dopest hostel were having a conversation about their European adventures abroad. Budapest came up, and these ladies geeked out about the hostel life and laughed over their encounters with the confusing Hungarian currency. After discovering a mutual friend on the good old FB, the serendipitous feat of it’s a small world came in fruition: F and D from Budapest = F and D from Hostel Fish. Strangers as globetrotters cross paths at home.

COCONUTS, right? Officially dubbed, Budabesties.

F and D kept chatting away that afternoon, their conversations steeped with authentic stories, full of the people they met and the cities they saw. With adrenaline, their passion project was born:

Meet The Compass Chronicles, a haven for their travel stories along with yours.